Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.       Can I  check in fish at multiple times during the day?  Answer:   Yes, and we encourage you to do so.   Ties are broken by time, so this strategy may also improve your standings.  We also want to avoid a mad rush at the end of the day.  This approach will also allow you to release fish that you want to weigh in, but will not be eating.

2.       Are crabs permitted as a species?  Answer:  No.  They are great swimmers and great to eat, but not considered a fish.

3.       Are minnows considered a fish species permitted in the tournament?  Answer:  YesEach minnow type is distinct and will be treated as unique fish species (e.g., striped killfish, mummichog, bull minnows, etc.).  Only minnows caught with a hook and line will be permitted (i.e., you cannot register minnows caught in a trap or net).  We suggest you also provide a picture of the catch with the minnow still on the line.

4.       If I catch a fish and weigh that fish in (e.g., a flounder), and catch a bigger fish later of the same species, can I weigh it in and replace my previous catch? Answer:   Yes.  Your bigger catch of the two fish will be used in the rankings.  This is like taking the SAT course multiple times.  The higher score is what we keep.  You can continue to catch that same species and weigh in those additional catches to the same species sub-division.

5.       Can I weigh in the same species of fish into both the Lady Division and the Open Division:  Answer: Yes, but make sure you are registering different catches of that same species (e.g., spot).  You are not permitted to send us a picture of catch for submittal to the Lady Division, and then show up at weigh in with that same catch to have it measured and registered in the Open Division.  One fish, unique submittal to one division!!!

6.       Can I have a catch previously submitted to a division moved to a different division (e.g., spot catch of 9� moved from Youth Division to Open Divison).  Answer:  Yes, particularly if that helps your standings in the tournament.   The weigh master team will also be on the lookout for entries that may be moved that will help your standings.  Request for any changes must be made prior to 5:00 PM.

7.       Can I enter fish for my youth angler or lady angler if someone else caught it on the same boat? Answer: No.  Each entry should be actually caught by the person recording the catch.  Although, in the case of very young anglers in the youth division, we fully expect that they will be assisted in the catching process. Key word..."assisted"

8.        If I am fishing from a boat with five other anglers, do I weigh in fish by my boat number or individual angler?  Answer:  Both.  Catches are registered by your "Team� (i.e., your boat)  number and individual angler name of that team.  Results will be tabulated based on groupings of catches by individual angler.  If you want your catches to be aggregated for your entire boat, enter the catches all under the same angler name (e.g., the captain).

9.       Can two different anglers from the same boat win prizes in the Open Division?  Answer:  Yes.   Since catches are scored by individual anglers, results will be tabulated for each angler.  Though your team will improve it results in the Open Division sub-species divisions, you will not see fish lengths aggregated by your boat for the $500 Grand Prize.  The Grand Prize is tabulated based on catches to individual anglers.

10.   Can I win multiple cash prizes in a specie subdivision?  Answer:  No.  Only your top species subdivision fish is used in the calculations even if you submit multiple catches of the same species. (e.g., you can�t win 1st and 2nd in the Open Division Spot Subdivision).

11.   Can I win multiple cash prizes in separate species subdivisions?  Answer:  Yes.  You can enter catches in all Open species subdivisions and win prizes in each.