GRAND PRIZECash  + Seigler Reel (World famous - Made locally in USA)
          2nd Place:   Cash prize (based on # of entries)   

- All fish registered at weigh in and measured by the weigh master will be automatically tabulated for the Grand Prize. It will be determined by the greatest total length of all different species recorded by each contestant.  Only your top fish of a particular species will be aggregated.

         OPEN DIVISION:  Winners will be determined by length with ties broken by weigh in time.  Individual species subdivision will be awarded as follows:

        1st Place              $100

        2nd Place             $50

        3rd Place              $25


○        1st Place $200 Cash Prize  (Lady Division only)

        1st-5th place trophies (Youth and Special only)

        Winners will be determined by the most species registered in their respective division.

        Fish brought to weigh in and measured, will also be tabulated for the Grand Prize.

        Fish may also be submitted via email or via text at any point during the day.

        All ties will be broken by the registration time of your fish (based on the time stamp of your email or text time), or the weigh in time.