Detailed Rules

1.       Only catches made between declared fishing hours may be weighed in.

2.       Anglers checking in fish by motor vehicle, must enter the Ingram Bay parking lot no later than 3:30 PM. If you are cutting it close, show your angler/entrant number to  a parking official as you arrive.  If you are coming by boat, you must be within the jetties entering Towles creek.

3.       When sending pictures of catches via email or text, you must have your entry tag  and number visible in picture.

4.        The weigh master will make a final ruling on your species.  You must provide a clear picture of the fish and also a picture of the angler with the fish ( with the registration lanyard in view).  See additional instructions on how to take pictures to enable fish identification.  If the fish cannot clearly be distinguished from a fish species currently in your catch count, you will not be given credit for a different species.  If the fish looks totally different from any other fish you have caught, and the species cannot be determined, you will get credit for the fish labeled as "unknown� (until officials can further identify the species).

5.       Catch-n-Release photos must be sent in no later than 4:00 PM.

6.       An individual fish may be registered in only one of the four divisions.

7.       Fish species will measured and recorded by length to the ⅛� of an inch. 

8.       When measuring the length of a fish, the fish will be measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail (longest point).

9.       Ties in length will be broken by the first to weigh in under a specific species and division.

10.   All species must be caught with a hook and line (e.g.., netting and crab lines are not permitted).  Netting of large fish that are first hooked with hook and line is permitted.

11.   Protests.  We�d rather not deal with protests �.. but, if you want to file, it will cost $100 (non refundable), and must be supplied by 5:30 PM. 

12.   Tournament results shall be posted to the Live Leaderboard at this address:

13.   Pictures of catch and release entries must be submitted either to the email address or texted to (804)-537-0378.  In the event we do not receive or acknowledge your transmittal, you may bring your pictures via a media device to the weigh station prior to 4:00 PM for download manually to a laptop.

14.   Clerical errors:  In the event your catch is not shown on the Live Leaderboard (or shown incorrectly), you must notify the weigh master by no later than 5:00 PM.  You must provide your catch receipt issued at weigh in as evidence.

15.   Anglers should make their tournament angler ID badge with lanyard visible for pictures at weigh in and when submitting pictures via text or email.

16.   Only legal fish to keep in Virginia waters may be brought to weigh in.  Fish not meeting legal specifications may still be sent in via pictures (Lady, Youth, and Special Divisions), and then released carefully.

17.   All legal species available in Virginia's waters are eligible for the Grand Prize (with the exception of  eels, sharks and rays -for safety.)  (Aggregate total length of largest of each species landed)

18.   Anglers are responsible for all applicable taxes on prizes received.

19.   All participants shall allow Ingram Bay Marina, Fish Dispatch, USA, and the Special Angler Foundation the opportunity and right to photograph, film, videotape, and record anglers during the tournament and the awards ceremony and to use the angler�s name, voice and likeness without further compensation for advertising and promotion by said parties.

20.   All participants agree that Ingram Bay Marina, the Mid-county Rescue Squad and any sponsor of this tournament shall not be liable for injury, loss, or damage of any kind resulting from participation in this tournament or from the acceptance or use of any awarded prize.

21.   Tournament officials are not eligible to enter fish in this tournament.  Children of tournament officials are permitted to enter fish, but they will not be eligible to win any of the cash prizes (e.g., they are eligible to win 1st place trophies, but cash prizes would go to the next angler in line).